""Largest VVA Chapter in Pennsylvania"""

Now "3rd" Largest VVA Chapter in the United States!

As of the October 2019 Meeting.

    VVA = 829    100% LIFE




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Be sure to add a copy of your DD 214 along with your


Send everything to:
VVA 862 - Membership Chairman

Gary B. Shaffer

709 Ohio Avenue

Midland, PA 15059-1415

Any Questions Contact Gary at:

Phone (724)643-8941

E-mail -


Also - when making out your check, Make sure you make it out to:

"VVA National Membership"


Who was here in the beginning?

Below is a list of the original Charter members.

November 2nd, 2000 was a very "Special Day" for us.


Lloyd "Skip" Haswell

William Laughner (Dec)

Barry S. Campbell

John Papasodero

Anthony R. Squadrito

JoAnna W. Williamson

George Haught

David Sonnett - (Dec)

Ken Melesky

Danny L. Lipscomb Sr.

Don Villella

Chuck Bedison

John Namath - (Dec)

Alex De La Cruz

Reuben J. Fuller

Ron Patterson - (Dec)

Frank "Lee" Corfield

William Bischak - (Dec)

Donald T. Wolfe

William T. Muns

Michael A. Mikulich

Don E. Pickering

Peter  A. Petrosky - (Dec)

Aaron R. Johnson

James Patrick Montgomery

Ralph A. Hague

James A. Yeager - (Dec)

John Helbling - (Dec)

Wm D. Beck

Jon Neely - (Dec)

Tony Yannachione

Nick Pavkovich - (Dec)

Tracey A. King

William Winkle

William L. Weiss

Ronald J. DeSalle

Steve Gavura

Robert D. Doughty - (Dec)

Jim Patton

Steve Stramella - (Dec)

Larry R. Phillips

Richard Baker - (Dec)

William Harlow

Harold Gallagher

William J McCartney

Roy J. Barlett

Robert Eiler

Wilmer "Blaine" Allinder Jr. - (Dec)

Daniel M. Brynczak

Charles E. Smith Jr.

F. James Crytzer

Thomas E. Harper - (Dec)

Cameron Adamson

George A. Caffro - (Dec)

Raymond L. Kosto

Gary B. Shaffer

George R. Willy

David Bollman

Anthony Pietrandrea