""Largest VVA Chapter in Pennsylvania"""

Now "3rd" Largest VVA Chapter in the United States!

As of the September 30th, 2016 Roster.

    VVA = 774  Total with VVA LIFE = 685



Besure to read VVA 862 Announcement below

VVA 862 Public Announcement about our Membership Agreement

BULLETIN:  VVA National has permanently changed the cost of a VVA life membership to $100.00.

VVA 862 has agreed to continue to pay the 1st $25.00 discount for life membership applications for  our chapter?  Even if all remaining Chapter 862 “non-life” members take advantage of this, we will still receive more money in life membership rebates than the cost of this discount. 

Therefore, for $75.00, you can't beat it.

"Its Great To Be A Life Member" - "No More Dues"
Be sure to add a copy of your DD 214 along with your application.
Send everything to:
VVA 862 - Membership Chairman
Gary B. Shaffer
709 Ohio Avenue
Midland, PA 15059-1415

Any Questions Contact Gary at:
Phone (724)643-8941
E-mail -