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Click above for the Schedule and Interviews of several of our VVA 862 members.



VVA National Website  - VVA located in Silver Springs, MD

VVA Chapters "Anywhere" in the United States  If your going to be traveling and want to visit another Chapter. Here's your chance.


VVA Household Goods Program - By visiting this website; donors will be able to schedule their donation online which is a huge cost savings for our solicitation.






Pennsylvania -  State VVA Website   -   See what's going on at State.


Pennsylvania State Council - Newsletters   -   See Newsletters from around the state.


Pittsburgh Vietnam Veterans Inc - The other "Great" Vienam Veterans Group from Pittsburgh Area. Their mission is to foster, encourage and promote Comradeship and "Espirt de Corp" among Vietnam Veterans.







The Virtual Wall - The Virtual Wall is a digital, interactive legacy memorializing the men and women

who gave their lives in Vietnam.


Virtual Wall by States - See how easy it is now to look up Our Brothers & Sisters from the Vietnam



Vietnam 50th Anniversary Commemoration  - Read up on whats going on as we celebrate the

50th Anniversary



Department of Veteran Affairs    Learn about VA Benefits you may be entitled to.

My Healthy Vet - You keep track of all your own items Plus, You can order your Meds when needed.  

Beaver County Dept of Veterans Affairs The local Beaver County Veteran Affairs Department.


VA Health Care - Look into seeing what the VA Health Care can do for you.


Military Bases w/ Contamination  - This is a list of all the Military Bases with Possible contaminations. Question! Were you at any of them? You may want to check this out!!





Howard County Vietnam Veterans Organization - This is the homepage for Our Kokomo Vietnam Veterans Reunion where we travel to every year.



National Cemetery  - (Closest to Beaver County) "Allegheny / Washington Co Line"

Cemeteries of the Alleghenies  - Ron Worstell - Volunteer's at both this Cemetary & the Vietnam Memorial in Wash, DC. Lee Corfield has also taken the required course to be a volunteer at the Cemetery of the Alleghenies. If you have any question, Ask Lee.


Wreaths Across America - View how wreaths are placed at the Graves of the National Cemeteries

Women in Vietnam - This page details the important involvement and sacrifice of the women who served in Vietnam.



          Miscellaneous - Websites

Air Heritage Museum Beaver County Airport -  Stop out and check out the "Only" flying C- 123 Plus many others!


Clear Captions - Phone & captioning service provided at "NO COST" through a federally-funded program. 8" color touchscreen display, Amplified handset - up to 50db boost, Answering machine with captioned messages, Free Installation and Lifetime warranty. - Contact - Bill Dramble 724-766-5073


Gold Star Mothers - Get the latest update on our POW's & MIA's from the Vietnam War


Guide for Addicted Veterans and their Families - A "Ton" of information. Check it out!

Helping To End Homelessness - This Website will answer those questions and help you identify ways you can pitch in.

Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab Facilities in Pittsburgh, Pa. -  Different treatment locations around Pittsburgh Area


Leek Hunting Mountain Preserve - A completely Volunteer-run facility dedicated to offering theraputic outdoor programs for wounded veterans with all levels of disibilities. All Veterans with disibilities need to check out this site.




Mesotheliomia  - This group specializese in assisting patients in understanding which 


treatment options are best suited for thier illness, as well as how to find the right doctors 


that provide those treatment options. LCDR, US Navy , Retired Carl Jewett specializes in


assisting veterans filing for theirVA benifits when they have been diagnosed with asbestos


illness as a result of their military service. He as assisted over 1200 veterans file for and


get approved for VA Disability compensation.



MESOTHELIOMA FUND This site offers "Free Services" for Patients dealing with the Cost of




Mesothelioma "Update" - Asbestos Fibers Are Dangerous When Airborne, - All Branches of Service


faced Potential Exposure.


Mesothelioma - "Improving Prognosis Page" - Information Hub for improving their condition the best they can.


Mesothelioma - 30 % of all Mesothelioma victums are Veterans.  Read about it here.



Military. Com - For "Tons & Tons" of Military Information - You may be surprised!


Military Move - This is "Not" a Moving Company.   Information & Tips on how to assist with anything


related to Moves.


National League of Families - About the National League of Families.



Operation Strong Mind - Our goal is to reduce the Military-Civilian gap and eliminate the feelings

of loneliness, isolation, and alienation often felt by service members.


Pittsburgh Fisher House - Help us achieve our goal of Friends Helping Veterans Families


POW/MIA'S - Get the latest update on the POW's and MIA's from the Vietnam War.


POW / MIA More Info - Be the one that remembers.


PTSD - "Infographic" site for those that even "Think" they have PTSD issue's. "Check it out"


PTSD & SLEEP - Why Do People With PTSD Have Sleep Problems?

Rock Steady Boxing  - Fighting back against Parkinson's 

People with Parkinson's disease can enhance their daily quality of life and even build impressive power, strength, flexibilty and speed! By exercising with Coaches who know the ropes, you can fight your way out of the corner and start to feel and function better. Boxing works by moving your body in all planes of motion while continuously changing the routine as you progress through the workout. These classes have proven that anyone, at any level of Parkinson's can actually lessen their symtoms and lead a healthier/ happier life.

Locations closer to Beaver Valley

WEXFORD - Tuesday / Thursday 11:00 AM to 12:15

Oxford Athletic Club 100 Village Club Dr. Wexford, Pa. 15090


Maria Berexa & Kathy Gonano, Certified Trainers

ROLLING THUNDERIf you ride in the Rolling Thunder Ride evey year, Check this out.


Senior Care & Living - Locally - (NEW) Resources for Assisted Living, Nursing & Memory care Facilities in the state of PA. Several Beaver County Facilities are listed.


Sew Much Comfort - This group makes Special clothing for our Handicapped Soldiers.


SHIPS - US NAVY & COAST GUARD Ships Associated with Service in Vietnam and Exposure to Herbicide Agents as of (March 01, 2019


Sleep Disorders - Can they Cause Mental Illness - The Relationship Between Depression and Insomnia


Sleep After Trauma - How Traumatis Event Impact Sleep and Well - Being


SOLDIER ON - Veterans Outreach - Reach Out. We'll be there 1-866-406-8449


Son & Daughters in Touch - Look into what other Sons & Daughters have learned about the


Vietnam War and it's effects of families. 


Stolen Valor - The Epidemic of Military Imposters.


Substance Abuse and Mental Health Resourses  - Excellent Resource for those looking for help!

VA Vet Jobs  - Any Vets looking for a Job - Maybe you can find one here. 


VA Watchdog - Keeping an eye on the VA - Always lots of interesting reading here.


Veterans Airlift Command This group works very close with the "Wings 4 Vets" Group.


Veterans Breakfast Club -  Visit many of the Veterans Breakfast Club events in & around the


Pittsburgh Area


Veterans Eagle - This is a newsletter for veterans, transitioning military, their family members and


friends and supporters of Vet Job


Veterans w/PTSD  - This is a very good site for those with PTSD - Check it out, You may be surprised

Veterans Travel Discounts - Guide to Military Travel discounts, Airlines, Hotels, Rental Cars &


Veteran Resources - This is a Public Awareness Campaign by the VA aimed at Helping Veterans seek


treatment for Mental Health Issues


Veterans Voices of Pittsburgh - Have your story told where you can refer your Grandkids to listen


what you did in your time in the service.


Veterans Drug Addiction to help those challanged by addiction - Very helpful resources


Wings 4 Vets  "A Huge blessing for Wounded Warriors" To Provide Air Transportation, by Military

Rated Veteran Pilots and their aircraft to any United States Military Veteran free of charge, for their

convienence in obtaining, assistin with, or returning from, medical treatment, diagnosis, or for other

compeling human needs.