Designated Chairperson's


Agent Orange

Mike Coligure *  724-942-4337


Community Services

Chuck Inman * 724 - 709-7747


Finance / Auditor

Wayne Cumer   *   724- 774-2626


Government Affairs

Bart Farzati   *   724 - 777-2193


Highway Clean-Up

Charles Ray  *  724-827-8310


Homeless Veterans

Bill Porupsky  *  724 - 495-2708


Honor / Color  Guards

Ray Litzinger   *  724 - 378-5855

Rich Raich  Asst  412 - 974 - 6282


Lee Corfield  724-775-3027 (if needed)


Hospitalized Veterans

(Looking for Replacement)



Gary Shaffer  *  724 - 643-8941



Rich Tindell  *  724-622-0724


Memorial Bricks

Ron Heitzenrater   *  724-452-7483


Minority Affairs 

Lynwood Alford  * 724 - 843-6319



Lon Hogue  *  724 - 846 - 8857


POW / MIA Chairman

Rich Raich  *  412-974-6282



Michelle Wilcox / Sub Abuse  * 724-847-3463


Public Affairs

Dick Pegg * 412-974-9178



Frank Petz  * 724-774-1867



Lon Hogue   *    724 - 846-8857


MIA Memorial Street Sign Project

Bob Weismantle - 724-869-4942

          Rich Raich - 412-974-6282


Veterans Affairs  -  Advisor

Beaver County VA Office   -  Veterans Service Officer

Kathy Nairn     *   724 - 770-4450


VVA 862 Chapter Service Co-ordinaters

Michelle Wilcox  *   724-847-3463


Veterans Assistance Committee

Lee Vega  *  724 - 846-9532


Women Veterans & PA State VVA Rep

Michelle Wilcox - 724-847-3463



Lee Corfield  *  724 -775-3027




Submitted by Phil Morris

The Defense Authorization Act, Public Law 105-85, section 1082, signed by President Clinton on November 18, 1997, mandates

that the U.S.Postal Service, the White House, the U.S. Capital, the Department of State, Defense and Veterans Affairs, all

National Cemeteries in the Federal System, the National Vietnam Veterans Memorial and the Korean War Memorial must fly the


POW/MIA flag on the folowing days each year:

Armed Forces Day - the 3rd Saturday in May

Memorial Day - the last Monday in May

Flag Day - June 14th

Independence Day - July 4th

National POW/MIA Recognition Day - 3rd Friday in September

Veterans Day - November 11th

If any of these days fall on a non-business day, postal facilities are required to display the POW/MIA flag on the last business

day before the designated day, as directed by Postal bulletin 21967 dated March 12, 1998


Extra Information you may need to make "Reservations" to

attend any Vets Breakfast Club, breakfast.

Veterans Breakfast Club - Todd Depastino

Contact Info: 412-623-9029 or


Here are the contact addresses for the President as well as the Secretary

& Treasurer. They should be able to handle any questions you might have.

Larry Googins  - President

110 Hamilton Ct.

Baden, Pa. 15005-9617

724 - 869-7090

Michelle Wilcox   -  Secretary

140 Tower Lane.
New Brighton, Pa. 15066
 724 - 847 - 3463


Jake Barsottini - Treasurer

624  - 4th St.

Beaver Falls, Pa. 15010-3206



PVAF - Pennsylvania Veterans Assistance Fund. Inc


Sobering Statistics:

There are 939,069 Veterans in PA of which 697,433 are war veterans.

More than 1,500 veterans are homeless in PA and more than 14% live in

poverty. The highest poverty is among veterans ages 18 - 34. Veterans

Suicides are 20.44 % of the veteran population more then double the

percentage for the general civilian population. Sources: US Census Bureau


Mission Statement:

"The mission of the PVAF is to foster, encourage and promote the improvement

of the condition of all veterans and their families by helping existing of future

programs work toward this goal".  Under our "Articles of Incorporations" the

corporation is organized, and shall be operated exclusively for scientific,

charitable and educational purposes:


To help foster, encourage, and promote the improvement of the condition of all



To promote physical and cultural improvement, growth and development, self

respect, self confidence, and usefulness of veterans.


To help homeless veterans and eliminate homeliness for our proud heros and

their families.


To help incarcerated veterans improve, overcome whatever issues they have,

including substance abuse, and restore their dignity so they become active

contributors to our society.


To eliminate discrimination suffered by veterans and to develope channels of

communication which will assist veterans to maximize self-realization and

enrichment of their lives and enhance life fulfillment.


To improve the social welfare and quality of life of veterans especially in the

areas of employment, education, training and health.


To conduct and publish research, on a non-partisan basis, pertaining to the

relalationship between veterans and the American society, the role of the United

States Government


Who Are We?

We provide significant services to Veteransand their families in crisis of financial need, programs for

homeless, hospitalized and incarcerated veterans, comminiuty related services, education and

mentorship for health issues such as Post Tramatic Stress, Tramtic Brain Injury, Toxic Exposurer

including Agent Orange. Chemical Weapons, Depleted Uranium, and Contaminated Water Related

Illnesses. We are keenly aware of Veteran Suicides Rates and will help refer veterans in crisis to the

appropiate facility. We work with any sister agency to help Veterans and their families.

We are a 10% volunteer organization. Not one of our officers or board members

receives any compensation. The only expenses we incur are

administrative such as maintaining our website, postage and office supplies. these

make up less than 2% of our budget. 


Donations are desperately needed


Special benefites on our web site for Silver, Gold, and Platinum, corporate

donors, small business donors.

If you want to make a donation in person today fill in the amount $_________,


Make it Payable to the: PA Veterans Assistance Fund and mail to the

Treasurer, Larry English, 230 Allen Lane, Duncansville, PA. 16635.

Your donation is fully tax deductable and greatly appreciated by the PA

Veterans Community.

We also greatly appreciate your passing this information on to your

employees and ask that they generously donate to us by check ot through by

payroll deduction through the combined federal campaign.


Pennsylvania Veterans Assistance Fund, Inc

A Registered PA Non-Profit - Federal 501(c)3.

EIN No. 23-2823932, CFC No. 99987.


HQ: President Jake Barsottini,

624 - 4th St.

Patterson Heights, Beaver Falls, Pa. 15010-3206.

PH: 724-601-7293

FAX 888-261-5236



Thank You for serving our country & Protecting our Freedom's