AVVA 862

As of the April 19th 2017 Meeting

AVVA 155 w/101 LIFE


1st AVVA Chapter in State of Pennsylvania

2nd AVVA Chapter in AVVA Region II

3rd AVVA Chapter in United States


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AVVA / VVA 862 Banquet

May 6th, 2017

Social Hour – 5:00 PM    Dinner – 6:00 PM

Awards – Immediately Following!

Cost  - $15.00

Reservations must be made by April 28th, 2017


You may contact Donna Corfield at 724-775-3027

Or Email her at n3ial@comcast.net


Payment will be collected at the door

Please Note:

If you make a Reservation and do not show up, You will still be responsible for those Reservations.

“Reservation Cancellations” Must be made by May 1st.


Welcome to our newest AVVA 862 members:

Terri Deem

Kathleen Ashburn



Officers and Board members of Associates of Vietnam Veterans Chapter 862

Bobbie Morris, President  

Linda Szatkiewicz, Vice President

Sue Bridgewater, Treasurer

Keith Black, Secretary


Board Members

Sandy Giordano

Rita Swesey

Carl Curtis

Donna Corfield, Alternate Delegate


Chaplain - Barb Googins - 724-869-7090

                         AVVA Membership Chair Susan Smith - 724-728-6741  


For AVVA Membership information

Please contact:

Susan Smith

955 Highland Ave.

Freedom, Pa. 15042

Email - smith955@comcast.net


Is to advance the work of Vietnam Veterans of America, Inc. through cooperative projects and/or programs, to facilitate, enhance and improve communication with our members and the general public and to continue legislative efforts to ensure the rights of and benefits for all veterans and their families.


Associates of Vietnam Veterans of America, Inc. are dedicated to the aggressive advancement of realistic goals with integrity and in the spirit of unity that reflect our commitment to Vietnam Veterans of America, Inc.,  all Veterans, their families and communities.

We support the statewide efforts of VVA, and locally we support VVA Chapter 862 of Southwestern, Pa. in all projects.  Our meetings are held just prior to the VVA meetings, and we are very active in our support.  We march in parades; collect items for our active troops and for veterans; help with fundraisers and aid the chapter however possible.

For further information about AVVA please visit our State and National websites at:

AVVA National Website  -   http://www.avva.org

Click Here for the latest  - AVVA National Updates  - www.avva.org/updates.html.

Check out our "New Look"    http://www.avva.org/index.html

AVVA - PA State Website  -  http://www.vva-pa.org/avva.htm 


For AVVA members requesting a copy of the "Veteran".

A Widow of a Vietnam Veteran who is an AVVA members requesting to receive the Veteran would follow the same as below.  

AVVA members NOT living in a household that is already receiving The Veteran Magazine may request a copy by sending the following information to :  membership@avva.org

You must provide the following information: 



Membership Number 

Bobbie Morris
President, AVVA 862